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Vintage Amber resin hair clip grips sweet Versatile hair clip top clip hair headdress 中文版|
Vintage Amber resin hair clip grips sweet Versatile hair clip top clip hair headdress Vintage Amber resin hair clip grips sweet Versatile hair clip top clip hair headdress Vintage Amber resin hair clip grips sweet Versatile hair clip top clip hair headdress Vintage Amber resin hair clip grips sweet Versatile hair clip top clip hair headdress
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  • Updated: 2020-07-10 22:22
The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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One, about the order
All goods are in three pieces, the total amount of the storeDelivery starts at 100 yuan! supportMixed batch of! Alipay guarantee transaction!

Second, about the discount

1. Free postage: Free postage is available at 200 in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui, and 300 in other areas (except Xinjiang and Xizang);
2. Members: Members are entitled to store discounts and other privileges. Please refer to the membership section on the front page of the store for details. Member benefits are alibaba system automatically generated, alibaba will automatically calculate each member number and amount of transactions, accumulated to a certain conditions will automatically update after a successful trading alibaba system will automatically put your plan into our member system, can also directly in the store home page member zone application, we will arrange the audit
3. Activities: In order to provide the majority of buyers with more high-quality and inexpensive goods, we will launch new and irregular promotional activities every week, please look forward to it!

Iii. Products
Specialized in jewelry wholesale, product batch production, basically manual processing, there may be a slight difference, various batches minor flaws (does not affect sales) is inevitable, suggested that first free sample to see goods, everyone should know the reason that a penny a points goods, not by our own imagination, everyone's imagination is infinite, this we can not meet, please forgive me! For customers with very demanding quality, please go to the counter to buy!

Four, about the color
1. Most of the products in our store are taken in kind, but a few online pictures; The color has been professionally proofread and is most similar to the tile in real object. Due to the influence of lighting, color contrast and color temperature of computer monitor, color difference is inevitable. The picture is for reference only.
2. Regarding the style and color, the goods are allocated according to the order by default, and the style or color remarks are not supported (except for special instructions on the product page); We will try our best to arrange the goods according to your requirements, but it is unavoidable that there may be a shortage. I hope you can bear it. If there is a temporary shortage of goods (you can also place an order to note the lack of payment color random), we will wangwang or phone you, please forgive me!

V. Delivery
As the daily shipment is large, we will make the payment after your successful payment24 to 48 hoursThe delivery will be arranged in the order of payment. The delivery time will be different due to the distance, weather and the operation process of different express companies. Generally speaking, the delivery will take place in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai1-3 daysTo other areas3-5Day, remote area5 to 7Day! If you haven't received the goods after the corresponding time, please contact our after-sales service. (Please understand the delay or missing problem caused by the explosion of the shipment quantity and the overflowing of the express company in the peak season of network sales. We will make proper handling.)

Vi. After sales
1. Sign for: Please sign for the goods by yourself. This is your right and the key to our after-sales work. (If it is not convenient for you to sign for it, please inform your friend, relative or doorman to sign for it.)
2. Shortage or quality problem: If you have any shortage or quality problem after you receive the goods, please contact after-sales customer service within three days after you sign for the goods. If you have any quality problem, please take a picture after you receive the goods and confirm with us.
3. Return and exchange: If you are not satisfied with the product and do not like it, you can return and exchange it if it is not used and does not affect the second sale; By default, general products are supported to be returned or replaced within three days after signing for, and some products are supported to be returned within seven days without reason.
Note: The following conditions cannot be exchanged:
A. The returned product packaging is damaged or incomplete, and the product accessories or relevant information is incomplete;
B. Repair or refit without authorization;
C. Not used or stored in the normal way;
D goods whose color difference is not refundable and has exceeded the period of after-sales service.
After sales service is the most basic service of the company, we are willing to provide good after sales service for you, at the same time, good after sales service also needs the cooperation of customers, please carefully read the above instructions before returning and replacing goods, as far as possible according to the above regulations of the company, so as not to affect your after sales service.
As for the above handling of damaged and quality products, if the customer needs to return all the orders, the buyer shall bear the freight according to the regulations of Alibaba.
For more detailed instructions, please refer to the notice on the shop's home page. If you have any other questions, please leave a message or consult the online customer service. If you place an order, you agree to the above terms.

Solutions to the shortage problem:Generally, we will contact the buyer to inform the reason of the shortage and ask for the buyer's consent to change the style or color. If contact cannot buy the home, so default is to press order allocation goods can send how many send the principle of how many. The rest of the payment will be returned 100% to the buyer.


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