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  • Shuxiang Electrical Appliance

    Superior Suppliers

    Superior Suppliers of Foreign Trade

    Main Products: iron、 kettle、Hair dryer、fan、Heater
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  • Contacts: Chen Qianshu
  • Mobile: 13600593408
  • Mobile2: 13600593408
  • WeChat: S13600593408
  • Tel: 57985187171
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Shop No. 17171 , Street3, Floor3, Gate No.31, Markets International Trade Mart (District 2).
Introduction: "Honesty, cooperation, and hard work" -- our business philosophy Shu Xiang electric appliance is an ... more

  • Introduction: "Honesty, cooperation, and hard work" -- our business philosophy Shu Xiang electric appliance is an approved by the State Administration for industry, specializing in the production, sales of small household electrical appliances enterprises. Enterprise was founded in 1997, the first single from the sales agent to the present design, development, production, sales in the integration of. Product sales network throughout the country the size of city, and are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other international markets. After more than 10 years of carve, Shu Xiang electric appliance in the "business principles - him and trustworthy, customer first", through the joint efforts of all staff, change rapidly in the market competition, Shu Xiang people will continue to innovate, forge ahead, and all my colleagues to join hands in creating a brilliant twenty-first Century. "Based on innovation, focus on quality, integrity services, sincere cooperation, common development" is the Shu Xiang people be consistent from beginning to end the pursuit, to provide customers with high quality, safe, reliable technology and products is the eternal principle of Shu Xiang electric appliance. We will continue to go beyond the self, to create value for customers to provide technical, as in the past, more quality products and services!
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