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  • Siyang Beads Firm

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    Main Products: Imitation pearls, Pearls, colored pearls, artificial pearls, Jewelry accessories, non-porous pearls, highlights, drops, Jewelry, Accessories,
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Shop No. 8881 , Street9, Floor3, Gate No.18, Markets International Trade Mart (District 1).
Introduction: Jinhua, Yang jewelry accessories factory is located in the most dynamic international trade city - y ... more

  • Introduction: Jinhua, Yang jewelry accessories factory is located in the most dynamic international trade city - yiwu, zhejiang province. The company mainly produces ABS imitation pearl, high brightness Han Guozhu, printing, pearl beads, AB beads, earring, injection series clothing scattered beads, plating beads series, jewelry beads, photo frame decorative bead, acrylic drilling, and so on, import of mould enterprises to introduce Taiwan, Haitian injection molding machines, to further improve the product level, to high-end development, rich products, norms diversity, can satisfy different customers different demand, is currently the mainland imitation pearl varieties in one of the most complete manufacturers!Enterprise was founded in 1999, after 14 years, manual mill by 4 people, now has developed into a factory building area of more than 20000 square meters, has two factory automation of enterprises, with independent property seven retail stores across the country, with annual sales of 10 years in a row is located in the same industry, to become one of the larger imitation pearl manufacturers! The company has a staff of 200-300 and a sales team of more than 30 people, all of whom have reached college level or above. The company has a high reputation in the same industry. \"Si Yang Bead decoration\" has become a well-known brand in the imitation pearl industry. In the next ten years, the enterprise will make great efforts to build the largest imitation pearl production base in Yiwu, improve the sales force and service management level, become the leader of the industry, and better serve the majority of customers!
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